Collection: Figurative Impression

At an early age in my art making career, I chose to work with the human figure, even when it was not popular with the art world. I fell in love with the sculpture of an artist by the name of Alexander Archipenko. His body of sculpture is incredible and in many major collections around the world. He produced this body of work in the early 1900’s and called it Abstract Figurative. Leading the way, he took the human figure and created new space that the figure occupied, choosing some elements and principles to create a new form and a new figure. I wanted to add to this body of sculpture, using many of the ideas that had come before me yet creating my own identity in this process.  I call my work Figurative impression, as they are my impressions of creating in this style of artwork. I use  concave and convex space with flat surfaces, adding and deleting from the existing figure but leaving the essence of the human form to make it new, fresh and something exciting to view. I begin with a 6 inch model to create and build the new sculpture. With the new technology of 3D printing this 6 inch model can be produced to monumental scale. I am fascinated by the many possibilities that exist to create sculptures in this style.